PT. Denko Wahana Sakti Jakarta

Pallet Mesh

Pallet Mesh
PT Denko Wahana Sakti Pallet Mesh Importer we sell pallet mesh with several types including:1. Stocky 2 = Capacity: 800 Kg, (Length: 800 mm) (Width: 500 mm) (Height: 540 mm)2. Stocky 3 = Capacity: 800 Kg, (Length: 800 mm) (Width: 600 mm) (Height: 640 mm)3. Stocky 5 = Capacity: 1200Kg, (Length: 1000mm) (Width: 800mm) (Height: 840mm)4. Stocky 7 = Capacity: 1500Kg, (Length: 1200mm) (Width: 1000mm) (Height: 890mm)You can see directly the pallet mesh that you need to our warehouse and get cheap price promos from usFor further information, please contact us
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