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Hand Pallet

Hand PalletHand pallet conveying equipment is already familiar to the industrial world or operational activities in companies in the modern era now, this tool is a transportation of goods with a capacity of 1 ton to 5 tons that serves to move production, goods or other expenses from one area to other area. In general, there are 2 types of hand pallet, namely manual and electric, each tool has a hydraulic system. The use of this tool in the modern era is now widely used by companies that need a moving device (the results of production) in an effective and efficient way.The use of this tool is considered to be very effective because in addition to the heavy load capacity and is very difficult to be able to be moved manually, the time, energy, and cost efficiency factors are also crucial. Most of these tools are needed for moving, structuring, and transporting products, especially in the production division and the storage division of goods (warehouse) in a company. This Pallet Hand Truck is a tool made of iron plates with two forks that serve to load bearings, and uses a hydraulic system to lift loads, as for pumping there are still using the manual method (human hands) or already using battery power (Aki). This Hand Truck is used to move a load with a certain capacity from one area to another. This tool is commonly used in the chemical industry warehouses, pharmaceuticals, food storage, retail stores, supermarkets, warehousing and other industries.We sell hand pallet with our best brands, namely: Dalton, Nansin & NobliftGet the best price quote from us for more information contact us

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