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Forflift is a type of conveyance that functions to move goods that have two forks to lift goods on wooden pallets, plastic pallets, mesh pallets or folding iron baskets containing raw materials, spare parts, boxes, etc., Forlift has three types of energy sources that are able to provide power to lift forks including diesel fuel, batteries or batteries and gas.Forklift type lifting equipment is widely used in automotive, garment, chemical, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, warehousing, food and beverage industries etc. where for diesel / forklift types are usually used outdoors while for electric / battery / forklift types gas is usually used indoors because it is very environmentally friendly.Forklifts that we sell have two types namely;1. Electric Forklift or Battery ForkliftThis type of electric forklift uses batteries or batteries to supply power used to transport and move goods from one place to another in an "indoor" or "outdoor" room, this forklift battery is commonly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical industry , food, drinks, per warehouse etc. which has a capacity ranging from 1.5 tons to 5 tons with a lifting height of 1.6 meters to 6 meters.2. Diesel Forklift or Solar ForkliftDiesel forklifts or commonly called solar forklifts are usually used outside the "Out door" and use diesel fuel to supply energy to lift and move goods from one place to another on wooden pallets, mesh pallets or plastic pallets , this diesel forklift has a capacity of 1 ton to 10 tons that can lift at an altitude of 1.6 meters to 6 metersGet special price promos from usFor further information, please contact us

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